CEO Greetings

Welcome to Invites healthcare Eco-system!

Invites Healthcare strives for creating social values and fulfilling the public interest with the
motto, “A world of digital healthcare where no one is left behind.”

We intend to function as a catalyst for creating a world of digital healthcare that builds
greater values and benefit everyone by utilizing big data of the healthcare field and ICT.

To realize this, we established a business portfolio to create a united business ecosystem
with Transglobal Healthcare (diagnostic test, medical equipment MRO), Health Connect
(smart hospital solution), and BioCore (CRO and genome analysis), along with partners of
diverse areas.

With Newlake Alliance Management as a major shareholder, we will expand our business
network and business ecosystem through their investment capabilities; whilst with
SK Telecom, we will secure a personal health management platform in a hyper-connected
society based on information and communications technology.

Likewise, with SCL Healthcare Group, we will engage in continued client management by
associating personal health check-ups with diagnostic capabilities.

In this matter, we aim to constantly verify the domestic business feasibility with our diverse
partners and establish a business ecosystem, while taking a step further to enter overseas

First, we plan to launch a chronic disease management system specialized for diabetes in
China by the end of 2020, in partnership with a Chinese medical platform with about
170 million members.

SK Telecom will hand down to us its global healthcare business partners in the Middle East,
Southeast Asia, and the US, which will serve as a stepping-stone for entering the
global market with promising small and medium-sized enterprises of Korea.


Our Mission

TOWARD Healthier life

“Making a world of digital healthcare where no one is left behind”

True care
We provide emotional loyalty of sincere consideration, nursing, and caring.
We provide services from an overall perspective of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management.
Whole Life
We propose an optimized and healthy lifestyle considering the human life cycle from medical treatment to diet, exercise, habits,
and suggestion of products.
We implemented a program which actively considers the distinctive characteristics of individual patients by encouraging patients’
involvement in using the program. This is distinctive to conventional platforms that focus on doctors and medical institutions.
We realize an absolute digital healthcare with experts of the healthcare field by going beyond the academic/theoretical perspectives
and the long-term visions.
Deep digital
We create a digital healthcare that is fully predicted and calculated by combining medical knowledge and experiences
with the best ICT technology.


  • 2010
    SKT healthcare Business
  • 2011
    Made an investment
    in Health Connect
  • 2014
    Entered the
    Chinese market
    Wuxi, Xi'an, etc.)
  • 2020.03
    Established an
    SKT Healthcare
    spin-off and
    Invites healthcare
  • 2020
    Made an investment
    in BioCore
    and Transglobal


Newlake Alliance Management

· Experienced in investing in global healthcare

· Invested in Health Connect

· Equipped with a collaborative network with 8 domestic medical institutions, including
CHA Medical Center, Sun Medical Center, and Wooridul Hospital

SK telecom

· An ICT company that creates new values through technologies such as 5G and AI

· Possesses world-class technologies in various fields, including 5G, AI, big data analytics, IoT, and quantum cryptography

· Conducted health care businesses such as chronic disease management services and genome analysis

SCL Healthcare Group

· SCL Healthcare

· Hanaro Medical Foundation (conducts health check-ups of 300,000 clients per year)

· Seoul Clinical Laboratories (commissioned experiment agency)

Investment Companies
Health connect

· A joint venture between Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) and SK Telecom formed in 2011 to create and share innovative
healthcare experiences by combining the highest level of medical services and the latest ICT technologies

· Conducts projects on smart hospital solution for hospitals and healthcare management service

Trans Global Healthcare

· A B2B MRO company that innovates the distribution value of healthcare

· A purchase and distribution platform for in-vitro diagnosis (e.g., diagnostic test and health checkup) and medicine supply

· Expanded operation of healthcare and general MRO item sourcing services


· Specialist in clinical CRO and bio/analytical CRO

· Conducts genome analysis business for disease diagnosis and prediction

· Conducts medical device business for in-vitro diagnostics (molecular diagnostics)


· Opened the clinic and checkup center targeting the premium medical service in China (Shenzhen; December 2014)

· Specialized in international medical services for the middle class of China and the foreigners (about KRW 6 billion of sales in 2019)

· Expanded ICT-associated services (non-contact consultation/reading service)

SK-WUXI Corporation

· Established a corporation promoting Chinese medical ICT business utilizing GR/BR network in the Jiangsu region (Wuxi; March 2016)

· Commercialization of diabetes management services in China in cooperation with Chinese medical platform operators
(Health 160; 180 million members) (September 2020)

· Operates an on-site mobile clinic associated with ICT solutions


· Established Armed Forces Hospital and JV to promote HIS business in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia; February 2016)

· Established SNUH HIS Saudi Arabia with global competitiveness secured (6 hospitals; worth USD 62 million)

· Promotion of expansion to other large hospitals in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries (Kuwait, UAE, etc.)

Business Field

Please refer to the following documents
Digital Healthcare Platform
Disease Management using Digital Healthcare
Care8 DNA
Chronic Disease Management
Digital Therapeutics Business
Smart Hospital MRO
Teleradiology Solution
Bio Health R&D
Genome Sequencing Service
Big Data AI
Smart Hospital System


  • CSO
    Ho-Chang Sun

  • Foreign Business
    Jung-Il Lee

  • CFO
    Moon-Gi Hong

  • CTO
    Yong-Jun Shin

  • Financial Officer
    Ju-Young Park

  • CSO
    Ho-Chang Sun

  • Foreign Business
    Jung-Il Lee

  • CFO
    Moon-Gi Hong

  • CTO
    Yong-Jun Shin

  • Financial Officer
    Ju-Young Park

  • Director at Digital Disease
    Management Office
    Andrea Kang

  • Director at Digital Healthcare
    Business Office
    Young-Hwan Jung

  • Exercise Professional
    Jae-Yoon Song

  • Nutrition Expert
    Chan-Mi Kang

  • Social Media Marketing
    Hee-Sun Choi

  • Research Director
    Jin-Seok Kang

  • Chief Researcher
    Jung-Hun Song

  • Chief Researcher
    Nam-Kwon Kim

  • Chief Researcher 
    Uncle Joe

  • Senior Researcher
    Dong-wook Nam

  • Senior Researcher
    Lucy Lee

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